Ham Radio License Exams

Our VE Team provides license exams on the second Sunday of every odd month during the year at the Old Elmwood Recreation Center, in Independence, Ohio. (see details and map below)

Examinations begin at 9am. Walk-ins are welcome, however, it would be best if can call a registration in at least one week prior to the test date. Special requests for the blind or physically challenged need earliest notification to provide accomodiation. Wheelchair access is available. FCC forms will be available.

Please bring the following when applying for examination: a Photo ID, ink pen to fill out the FCC form, two pencils with erasers, any original License or Certificates of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) plus a copy of your license to be sent to the ARRL/FCC with the exam papers. Each test candidate will need to bring $15 cash or a check payable to ARRL/VEC for all testing. Second testing will be available however another fee will be charged for re-testing after a failed element.

Testing dates are as follows:

    Exams at 9:00am
    This month we will be back Testing in Independence, OH at the Kiwanis Pavilion, 6363 Selig Dr,
    behind the Civic Center
    call Metro, W8MET for
    info 216-520-1320
    Walk-ins are welcome
    To confirm the location of the next test site during Covid 19, call Metro at 216-520-1320
    As the Coronavirus is still active social distancing and wearing of facial protection is required for protection to all at this test site. If you are sick, coughing, sneezing or have a fever, please stay home.
    Fee is $15.00 in check or cash and photo ID is required. If you already have a Amateur Radio license, then bring your original license and also make and bring a copy of the original license which will be submitted to the ARRL. Testing for Extra class will have a new set of questions which is up-dated every 4 years. Let me know if you will be attending.

    2021 Test dates
    July 11,2021
    Sept 12,2021
    Nov 14,2021

For more information, contact our VE Coordinator